New Supported Accommodation project in Cardiff

Posted on Nov 15 2015

Matt, a support worker in the new Supported Accommodation project in Cardiff, has written a short story about how the project was set up and what it is all about…

ategi started a new service for people with
alcohol dependency in Cardiff

Ty Cornel is a new project set up in February 2015 ago by ategi in partnership with Taff Housing and
funded by Cardiff County Council to provide supported accommodation for adults with alcohol

The council worked with Taff Housing to develop a modern, well equipped house to
accommodate adults who had become unresponsive to alcohol treatment programmes but who
were vulnerable and unable to cope with life.

ategi now provides a safe environment for our tenants to gain important life skills to be able to live
more independently. The staff team support the personal development of the tenants by
promoting the importance of personal care and hygiene as well as a balanced diet and a
controlled approach to use of alcohol.

Staff provide support by helping tenants to budget their money and the benefits that they receive.
Some of our tenants have been taking part in our alcohol reduction programme which has greatly
improved their health and day to day lives.

The accommodation offers people their own room with ensuite facilities and has many different inhouse
activities such as chess, snooker tournaments, word puzzles and memory games, which
helps keep tenants minds active as well as providing a little healthy competition between the staff
and tenants.

ategi staff also provide support for their tenants in the community, making sure they feel safe and
equally treated by others. Although the project has only been going for six months, with the
sensitive and inclusive help and support of ategi staff, the tenants are living more independently,
taking regular medication which has resulted in fewer hospital admissions and medical
intervention, which helps the tenants to live a much a much safer, healthier life.

Matt — ategi Support Worker