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Support our Work

Ategi supports and empowers people through our services to achieve positive changes in their lives.

Why we need your support

In an unequal world that often fails to recognise, respect or value difference, our carers and support workers will work with people who may be struggling to live independently and empower them to live their life, their way. 

Kyeron sitting on his carved wooden reindeer.

How do our services benefit people?

At Ategi, we support each person as an individual, enabling them to develop their skills and confidence and increase their independence. People may need support for lots of different reasons, and the type of support they need will vary from person to person.

Wendy cooking with her Shared Lives carer, Grazelda. Both women are smiling at the camera.

Learn and develop skills like cooking

Trevor with his gold club over is shooulder looking at the camera.

Develop passions and hobbies

Richie, a youn man with learning disailities who is being supported to do some bowling with his support worker.

Support people out and about in the community

Martin and Liz supporting their son with learning disabilities play with his toy cars.

Ensure people are safe and happy