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Shared Lives carer opportunities offered

A Shared Lives service is operational throughout South Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Haringey, South Wales and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. Our Shared Lives carers offer a very special combination of accommodation, care and support for adults who need extra support. ategi are looking to recruit Shared Lives carers.

What is Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is a bit like foster care – but for adults. As a Shared Lives carer, you would share your home and support an individual to develop new skills and abilities they already have – working towards their goals and aspirations.

Who can be a Shared Lives carer? 

If you want to be a Shared Lives carer, you need to have either care experience – through personal experience of supporting someone who needs care or a member of your family, paid or voluntary work – transferrable skills or a hunger to learn.  An important ingredient to becoming a Shared Lives carer is having time and a spare room – essential for short breaks and people moving in!  To provide Shared Days, your home will need to have enough communal space to be able to offer the person space to have quiet time away from the carer at times. 

You can find out more about being a Shared Lives carer from Shared Lives Plus – they are the membership organisation for Shared Lives. As one of our Shared Lives carers, ategi will pay the full membership costs on your behalf! 

Find out more about Shared Lives Plus here: 

Who do Shared Lives carers support?

Shared Lives carers support adults over 18 (or 16 in some areas) who need a little extra and support and benefit from living in a family home. People may need support for all kinds of reasons, they may have a learning or physical disability, struggle with anxiety or mental ill health, be fleeing domestic violence or modern slavery, have dementia and need a short-break away from their normal home, perhaps they need a little more help than usual after leaving the hospital. The scheme also looks to offer support for children moving from foster care into adult services.

What’s it like being a Shared Lives carer?  

As a Shared Lives carer, you would share your home and support the individual you’re caring for to develop skills (new or existing) and help them work towards their goals and aspirations. Individuals needing support could spend the day, stay for a short break, or move in.   Shared Lives carers could support just one person, or could support up to three people – it’s up to you!   With the mix of people living in Shared Lives, sharing their days or staying for short breaks, it can be as consistent or varied as suits you as the carer.  

Our Shared Lives carers are self-employed, working in partnership with the Local Authority and ategi. At ategi we train and provide ongoing support for our carers.  

For our carers, Shared Lives becomes a way of life.  Some call it a vocation, others a job or career – yet everyone learns from the people they support, and is rewarded as they see the differences they are making.    

How much can Shared Lives carers earn? 

The payment allowance Shared Lives carers receive varies depending on where you are in the country and whether you offer Shared Lives Long Term/Short Breaks or Shared Days, and the type/ amount of support you will offer the person you live with or support during the day. Typically, this would range between £350 and £650 per week or an agreed (by the Local Authority) hourly rate for day support. If you provide Long-Term support, you will be entitled to respite (Short Break) days that are spread throughout the year, the number of days offered will depend on the Local Authority you are working with. 

If you’re caring, motivated, compassionate and have a spare room, then you could make a great Shared Lives carer.

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