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About Ategi

Grazelda And Wendy
Wendy doing her diamond art. Wendy is supported through Shared Lives

Ategi supports and empowers people through our services to achieve positive changes in their lives.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly charity with a reputation for offering excellent quality support. We have a committed team of staff, trustees, volunteers and a network of amazing independent Shared Lives carers as well as the many people Ategi supports.

We are passionate about the development of our dedicated staff and Shared Lives carers, and, through careful recruitment and training, we ensure that our values are embedded in the approach of those we work with.

Our values

Ategi supports each person individually, recognising their strengths, abilities and goals. All of our work - with people we support, carers, staff and volunteers is underpinned by our five values.


We enable people to achieve their potential

Value Differences

We recognise, respect and value differences


We are open, honest and accountable

Working together

We work in partnership with, and learn from, the people we support, their family and friends, our Shared Lives carers as well as other professionals


We are supportive, flexible and compassionate. We offer personalised care and the people we support are at centre of designing how we deliver their service for them

Supporting people to live their lives

We provide person-centred support to people who need support to live their best life. The people we support are unique, common reasons people need support are due to:

  • A physical disability
  • Learning disability
  • Autism
  • Mental ill health
  • Addictions
  • Needing support after leaving hospital
  • Or moving on from children's services

Our support is tailored to each person, supporting them to develop their confidence, skills and increase their independence.

An older man and young man with Downs Syndrome smiling at each other.

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